Bespoke RPO Specialists

If you are looking to boost profitability by reducing costs while still improving quality, outsourcing your recruitment function fully or partially could be the right strategy for you. Unlike employing an internal recruitment team, which incurs a fixed cost, an outsourced service can allow you to be flexible with your resources and reduce costs while still ensuring you attract quality talent. 

Surrounding yourself with talented people who have relevant expertise is crucial for any business. Recruiting and retaining these individuals will allow you to delegate, assign work based on skills and free up time to focus on your wider business strategy.

Recruiting talented people requires specialist skills. You need experienced recruiters that know how to attract the best talent across a multitude of disciplines and manage challenging vacancies. We provide a bespoke RPO service that supports volume recruitment through a direct sourcing model that encompasses head hunting for senior and ‘difficult to fill’ roles.

What we deliver:

  • Reduced cost per hire.
  • Improved time to hire.
  • Improved quality of hire.
  • Improved internal & external processes.
  • Improved employer branding.
  • Improved key stakeholder management.

How we deliver:

  • The employer transfers all or part of their recruitment processes to us.
  • We assume ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process.
  • We act as your internal recruitment function and trade under your brand, working to objectives in line with your business goals.
  • This service is delivered by a highly skilled team of dedicated recruiters.
  • We adopt a direct sourcing strategy using industry job boards, database searches and advertising.
  • We adopt a direct sourcing strategy via LinkedIn.
  • We adopt a direct sourcing strategy via social media platforms.
  • We head hunt for senior and ‘difficult to fill’ roles.
  • We raise brand awareness by promoting your brand.

Our RPO proposition is bespoke and is not an ‘off the shelf’ product. We audit your business and tailor the service to your needs. Our RPO proposition is suitable for any customer-centric employer that sells goods and services. If you are a healthcare or medical devices employer you will particularly benefit from our highly skilled work force that has in-depth knowledge of your sector in terms of competitors, employment flow and job hunting behaviour. We believe that our RPO services can give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

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