At the end of each month, after a quick presentation to sum up the monthly financials, we at Stroud Resourcing celebrate success with a fun activity and a delicious meal out on the company.

This month, we combined the activity with the meal out and had a lovely private dining area at the Botanist – one of York’s coolest new bars! It was Dave’s turn to come up with the idea for the activity, and once we had split into two teams, he challenged us to fit a business card around one person’s head – using only a pair of scissors and the business card!


                 Botanist1                    Botanist2


Both groups used a concertina-style method of cutting the card to make a very thin paper crown. It’s always handy to know your Origami skills!

Dave followed this up with an excellent general knowledge quiz, which was won by Jo, Sam, Bradley and Jordan’s team. Well done guys!